Thursday, May 22, 2014

Acne No More Review - Definition of Acne

Definition of Acne:  is blisters skin appear in adulthood on the face or neck or chest or back or shoulders and called these pills acne, a defect that affects hair follicle, and participate in this imbalance increased secretion of the sebaceous glands and the growth of bacterial spot, and the immune reaction in situ, and frequently appeared in the teen and young people of both sexes, however, these grains may see in adult men and women, especially in women before the date of the menstrual cycle, may appear acne disappears alone without treatment or after-effects, but there are cases to be addressed and only left a scar tissue Leather and psychological effects lasting bad.

How occurrence of acne :  spread in the skin pores from which the hair, sweat and fat, in the follicle the hair found in the dermis of the skin pour sebaceous gland secretions of fatty graduated with hair from the pores of skin to cover the hair and skin layer greasy thin prevent evaporation of moisture and dryness of the skin, but at the age of puberty becoming more and more levels of male hormones in males and females alike, or more than Sense sebaceous glands to her, and when it reaches the male hormone testosterone to the sebaceous glands in the skin is converted to hormone strongest Acne No More Review

The hormone increase the size of the sebaceous glands and activity in the skin, and increases the flake the cells lining the hair follicle, and this which makes the mixture consisting of fat cells and plug nozzle close a hair follicle and make the center ideal for the growth of bacteria that live on the fatty fat in the hair follicle. The bacteria analyzed the fat by the enzyme to the lipase to fatty acids irritant lead to redness and itching and pus and swelling of hair follicle updated blisters leather-tipped open black color, easy times and discharge, and are rarely inflammatory, and the heads of closed white is harder to squeeze has leads it’s time to skin infections due to rupture the walls of the hair follicle inflamed weak and exciting reactions immune localized varying intensity and severity, and the formation of abscesses leave scar tissue in the skin after, and hair the role as well as in exacerbate the situation, the was a hair short and smooth has book inside with fat bacteria and cells scattered adjacent. If your hair is thick and long may ease the severity of the condition.

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