Thursday, May 22, 2014

Truth About Cellulite Review - How the development of cellulite occurs

On the development of cellulite may indicate changes in skin color, its thickness, the presence of large areas of skin, fat braided fibers. Clear evidence of the presence of cellulite is the appearance of the so-called "orange peel" skin. Development of cellulite prone areas of the body such as:

•    Back and outer thighs •    Buttocks

•    Lap

•    Front of the thighs

•    Ankle and calf

•    Stomach
•    Lap

•    Forearm

•    Neck  The main methods of treatment: Joey Atlas Review

Cellulite treatment principles aimed at improving blood circulation and lymph flow in the body, speeding up the process of fat digestion, strengthening and toning muscle tissue.

Basic techniques: Proper nutrition - Avoid excessive consumption of fat and protein-rich foods that can cause disruption of intracellular metabolism, which causes fat deposits and cellulite appearance anti-cellulite clothing, which is divided into several categories. Firstly, for this type of underwear garment refers trilayer consisting of latex, cotton and Lycra. The main action of this linen is based on the creation of a kind of sauna effect and massaging the skin, result of which leave the body of excess water. Secondly, the content of the laundry is theophylline, which contributes to the destruction of cellulite. Thirdly, it is a single layer linen massage that improves blood - and lymph of the body, preventing the appearance of cellulite.

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