Thursday, May 22, 2014

Acne No More Review - Pathological forms of acne

Blisters under the skin and appear in the form of pimples or black heads a small white face and above the nose Superficial festering blisters, pink pills contain within it the substance festering diagonal color to yellow face. Texture containing material and be the result of inflammation of the sebaceous gland itself a kind severe acne, which increase as they arise in the areas of the chest, back and needs treatment to a time slightly longer than the type which shows the face of the size of the grain size and the body.

Prevention of acne: The most important thing to solve this problem is to avoid race and hygiene permanent and sound; Because the race provides a suitable environment for bacteria and toxins out of the body that linger with sweat on the skin for long periods have a negative impact, which leads to the appearance of the grain and leaving it for the effects Mike Walden Review

Prevention steps: Must maintain the cleanliness of the skin: face wash removes excess oils and dead cells but washed frequently lead to skin irritation and must use oil-free lotion and depends on the water Do not touch inflamed pimples and non-inflamed, and try to eject the liquid ones, because it causes the appearance of scars on the skin, too pressure on papules and vesicles or cystic acne is harmful to the skin and can cause problems such as trauma to the tissue around the affected area with the spread of infection to other areas of the skin, and also may lead to the formation of scar and hyper pigmentation.

Remove makeup before going to sleep where they work to close the pores of the skin and cause pimples. Exercise regularly is working to provide the body with pure oxygen, and promotes the flow of blood to the cells and regeneration Eating the proper amount of water each day, where he works on the water push the toxins out of the body on a regular basis. Use cream or gel depends on the acid or benzyl peroxide after consulting your doctor.

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