Thursday, May 22, 2014

Customized Fat Loss Review - The best treadmill

How to choose the best treadmill? First, you need to define the purpose of use of the simulator. A suitable model of the treadmill you will depend on whether you plan to develop athletic ability running fast or you want to have slow walking.

Second, the choice (and price) of the treadmill will affect the size and weight of the exercising. Tall man weighing 100 kg.need to track with the increased size and canvas with complex damping and a girl weighing 45 kilos. suitable model for the middle class Customized Fat Loss Scam

'Technology training for fat loss To optimize fat burning FitSeven recommends alternate prolonged exercise (40-45 minutes at 140-160 beats pulse; slow running and fast walking) with short workouts on HIIT system - two of each type of exercise a week. In turn, HIT workout should consist of alternating 60 seconds maximum load (fast running) and 60-75 seconds of low intensity (walking slowly). Total runs 8-12 such cycles; total duration - no more than 20 minutes. As trainer treadmill was originally designed for cardio at home workout it really useful for general well-being and health. The main condition - to observe the correct running technique

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